KIM MYHR: Bloom LP/CD Hubro


KIM MYHR: Bloom     LP/CD Hubro

Awash with an array of guitars, some 6 and some 12 string, some acoustic, some electric, Myhr, initially creates a sub SWANS effect on the opening number, ‘Sort Sol’; and overall this was a more than positive introduction to his work.

The following ‘O Horizon’, ‘Swales Fell’ and ‘Peel Me’ however, do lack somewhat after their impressive opener; coming across more as sound bites and experimentation, which is a massive shame.

The closer of this latest album, ‘Milky Run Sky’; is a mainly acoustic affair which gradually builds, gliding seamlessly along with various oddities arising to fill out the necessary backdrop.  Hypnotic and engaging, this closes the door on a release that I found conflicting and lacking a firmer essential middle ground.  There is no doubt as to the talents that Myhr possesses; but I sure as wish he had built a sturdier centrepiece to his work, where I found this most wanting.



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