JAMES O’CALLAGHAN: Espaces Tautoiogiques CD Empreintes Digitales


JAMES O’CALLAGHAN: Espaces Tautoiogiques   CD  Empreintes Digitales

I really struggle with this label, the majority of their output and the ‘artists’ they support. O’Callaghan’s work here is of no exception.

Basically this is nonsensical mash up of sounds, such as furniture being shifted around, on ‘Objects-Interiors’ and just general manoeuvring of whatever on ‘Bodies-Surroundings’.  The rest of the album follows suit and shows absolutely no artistic merit or creativity whatsoever.

Maybe I am missing the point; but then maybe I like to listen to actual music.

There is obviously a whole host of people out there who see something other than gibberish within works such as this.  I tend to think these people are the same group of morons who look at piles of bricks in art galleries and think they’re worth millions of pounds.  I look at those installations for what they really are; and that is nothing more than a con-job for gullible tossers.


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