ELECTRIC SEWER AGE: Bad White Corpuscle LP Hallow Ground


ELECTRIC SEWER AGE: Bad White Corpuscle       LP         Hallow Ground

Originally released on CD through the fitting Old Europa Café in 2014, this finally sees the light of day on vinyl as a re-issue through Hallow Ground.

As a follow up to his debut, ‘Moon’s Milk in the Finale Phase’, Danny Hyde follows the well-trodden path of Dark Ambient; and as before, does this remarkably well.  Given the history he has of remixing acts such as the mighty COIL, Psychic TV and Depeche Mode; I would have been surprised if he hadn’t.

‘Bad White Corpuscle’, doesn’t exactly pander to the age old Dark Ambient genre as an overall oppressive mass.  There are moments of tranquillity that steer away from the norm, such as the gentle electronics on ‘Corpuscular Corpuscle’ (he really likes the word ‘corpuscle’); that lean on Hyde’s knowledge of general electronic music.  The album as a whole is all the better for this ability alone.

When it is needed however, Electric Sewer Age does manage to kick the listener into the black abyss.  The only difference being the paranoid tweaking and manipulation of blips and bleeps that flutter through the darkness; that drag the title track and ‘Black Corpuscle’ into the realms of trippy, Jazz influenced ritualistic oddities.  Overall, this is a strange release; that challenges the norm usually associated in these circles.


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