ANDREW TUTTLE: Fantasy League CD Someone Good


ANDREW TUTTLE: Fantasy League      CD      Someone Good

Combining acoustic and electronic sonic layers together as songs isn’t a new medium; but it is one that Brisbane’s Andrew Tuttle does well.

Opener, ‘Registration’ is a peculiar oddity; that despite its overt country references in the form of banjo, plays out appropriately into the cascading electronic simplicity of ‘Activation’.  From here on in, the album follows a similar exercise in crossing between the two.

‘Fantasy League’ is a warm summery affair that smacks of feel good harmonies throughout.  The pitch is quite bright (maybe a little too bright for me); and whilst this adds to the overall glow, it does tend to become a touch grating over the course of the entire album; where the frequencies used, pierce the eardrums a touch too much in needle like fashion.

Overall though, this is a solid piece of work; if just a touch too much on the hippy side of space age, electronica wise.


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