CINDYTALK: The Labyrinth of the Straight Line CD Mego


CINDYTALK: The Labyrinth of the Straight Line   CD  Mego

The well respected and revered Cindytalk goes back to his roots on this latest offering; but starts off in peculiar fashion, as poetry combines with industrial noise and scattered fractures of electronic disorganisation, with ’Sea of Lost Hopes’; and the airy ambient of ‘Shifting Mirrors’.

Dark Ambient whirs amongst pitter-pattering rhythms on ‘In Search of New Realities’, folding well into the strains of Power Electronics on ‘I Myself am an Absolute Abyss’; and four tracks in, this latest opus is coming across as a fairly bleak affair.

The rest of the album shifts and turns much in the same fashion.  I have always enjoyed the works of Cindytalk and respected the avenues he has ventured down; but here I would have appreciated just a touch more melody, which was a key part for me on previous albums, regardless of how restrained they were.

‘The Labyrinth of the Straight Line’ is by no means worse than older output; but it does lack background musicality, which appealed to those who prefer something more conventional.  I like to think of Cindytalk as an artist that crossed the divide musically, allowing for people who liked opposing genres to come together; and this latest album feels a trifle soulless with the absence of actual tunes and long drawn out notes to latch onto.


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