OREN AMBARCHI: Hubris     LP/CD  Mego

With an extensive musical career across a plethora of well-respected labels, ‘Hubris’ is a continuation of exploratory rhythms and electronics that Ambarchi has delved into on many an occasion in the past.

Over the course of three tracks under the album title banner, a wave of simplistic, yet effective arpeggio patterns play ion a continuous loop allowing for a variety of instrumental sounds to creep in and provide necessary atmospherics.

Acoustic elements provide a quick interlude, paving the way for another section of understated beats and more electronics; and on the last track, computerised sounds are melded with a live drum ensemble.

Oren has created here, a pleasant and clever array of sounds that are easy on the ear; and the album is easy to digest in one sitting. There could have been a touch more variation to break it up a lot more, but as a whole this is a solid and enjoyable piece of work.


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