JANA IRMERT: End of Absence CD Fabrique Records


JANA IRMERT: End of Absence   CD  Fabrique Records

This Berlin based sound and media artist focuses her work on translating the less tangible aspects of existence through atmospheres and sonic spaces; that occasionally interweave, with visual representation (not on the disc however).

The press blurb that came with this release mentions installation work; and there is a definite edge to this album that leans in that direction.  It is a dangerous game though, as most people who work with both, forget a lot of the time that a mere audio piece loses what they were fundamentally trying to interpret.

However, Irmert has produced here, a piece of work that can sit solidly on it’s own.  ‘End of Absence’, for all it’s background clattering, utilises its space well.  Ghostly apparitions of vocal elements seamlessly glide amongst a bed of transparent ambient pads; and field recordings utilise a gloomy quality that border occasionally into Dark Ambient territory.

There is the occasional smattering of arty tomfoolery that I would normally rip to shreds.  Jana though, has been clever enough to add enough musicality to outshine any discretion that could have arisen; remembering first and foremost that people nowadays mainly buy an album for its actual songs (albeit very quiet ones on this occasion).


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