GITANE DEMONE QUARTET: Past The Sun CD Dark Vinyl Records


GITANE DEMONE QUARTET: Past The Sun   CD  Dark Vinyl Records

I never thought I would see anything from this lady drop through my door; indeed I haven’t seen the name for about 22 years since I stopped hanging out in proper Goth clubs.  Demone of course hails from Christian Death fame; and the band members that reside with her on this project, are all from similar outfits that make me recoil in horror just thinking about them.

The years however, have been kind to Demone in some respects; and her vocal talents haven’t diminished one jot.   Musically though, this is a bit messy, with a muggy production on the guitars and drums; and given the maniacal piano lines, I can’t help but feel this release as a whole, would have just benefitted from Gitane producing songs with that medium alone.

‘Past the Sun’ is no less barking mad, and in a lot of respects, the odd smattering of loopy Jazz influences assist in providing some endurance and are marginally enjoyable; but overall, this is pretty shocking and is about as dreadful as Valor’s Christian Death were (and they were only marginally worse than Rozz Williams’ version if truth be told).  If there is still a market for this kind of music, then good on Demone and her cohorts for ploughing away at it, flogging that miserable long dead horse; at least she can still sing.


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