GENDER TROUBLE: Chokehair CD Dark Vinyl Records


GENDER TROUBLE: Chokehair       CD  Dark Vinyl Records

There is an irony in a label called Dark Vinyl actually releasing CD’s; no matter I guess.  As it happens, there is much on here to digest amongst the 2 very lengthy tracks on offer.

What R. Loren and Faith Malimba have created; is a white noise foundation with techno and trance infused pads and beats over the top.  Occasionally there are vocal elements that interweave with the blister effect along the way.

I have one minor gripe.  When I pressed the CD and heard the clinical dance over the harsh noise wall I figured there was a fault with the disc and skipped to track two; and after I was confronted with the same it was only after a bit of investigation, that I realised this was intentional.  Whilst I will give kudos for the original approach, it doesn’t detract from the fact that the constant fuzz, sits a little too high in the mix.

All qualms aside, ‘Chokehair’ is actually a quite enjoyable piece of work once your ears become accustomed to the formula.  Taking me back to underground dimly lit clubs, the music itself is grimy and dirty enough to launch it a great distance from the mainstream; and as a press and play one stop listen, it is a thoroughly enjoyable affair, given the time and space it deserves.  Dare I say it, mixing the two genres works damn well; and I can only imagine this would be nothing short of a riot live on stage.



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