BLACKHOUSE: Live in Leipzig LP/CD Dark Vinyl Records


BLACKHOUSE: Live in Leipzig   LP/CD  Dark Vinyl Records

Recorded at the infamous Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany 2015, this long staying Power Electronics act have always caused minor confusion amongst fans, regarding their overt Christian views being vented through a genre; that to be fair, usually is a tad more brutal lyrically.

Luckily, for someone such as myself (I am not a fan of religion, or indeed the converted ranting about it), musically this is right up my street, where the visceral squelches of sound and reverb drown out what is actually being said; leaving me to enjoy the noise and intricacies that only the very well adept can create in this genre.  Blackhouse are indeed one of them.

I have actually never been a fan of live albums, but with PE it doesn’t make a difference in most instances; as the music always sounds instant and live by its very nature.  Long-term fans will find much on here to appreciate, with this effectively being a best of compilation release.  Those new to the project wouldn’t go far wrong in picking this up as an introduction.


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