YURA YURA: Rumu Namba     CD HANDS

After the less than serious (but humorous) ‘Be Sexual’, we have the slightly more serious follow up ‘Rumu Namba’.  Opening up with the grinding (but short lived) electronics of ‘Helm’, the album slides into a formulaic and uninspiring ‘Cavale’; and unfortunately, things don’t really get any better from here on in.

Now don’t get me wrong; Yura Yura displayed little originality on his last album, but at least it was footloose and fancy-free.  ‘Rumu Namba’ just takes picks up the powernoise mantle; and plods on with little care for anything new or nothing to latch onto.  There is nothing on here that you haven’t heard a million times over; and this album feels about 16 years too late.

Bog standard crunching soulless rhythms with background atmospherics, wouldn’t have been terminology used for this release if it had been made many a moon ago.  It wasn’t used then, because those people were originators; and many have moved on since.

Nowadays this just does too little to warrant your hard earned cash; and whilst this most likely works in a live environment, it is just too boring to endure at home, bar one or two tracks.



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