Following on from ‘Kosmogonie’, ‘Materia’ starts off on a different tack, straight to the point with 4-4 beats and electronica.  Pads and harmonies are kept to the background as a distant reference point; and I would have preferred them more prominent in the mix, with the beats taking too much centre stage.  It does all feel a little too immediate.

There is a lot on ‘Materia’ to enjoy; such as the oozing rollercoaster of ‘Abiogenesis’ and the synth work and tension on ‘Horror Vacui’.  However, I tuned out more than that I should have; and this in part was due to the same old bass drum endlessly thumping through, track-by-track.

Supersimmetria has programming and musical skills in abundance.  The main issue here, is that you have to analyse each songs individual tracklayers to appreciate that; and listening pleasure suffers as a result.

The clinical production is sublime on here and crystal clear.  However, this is so surgically constructed, it tosses emotions right out of the window; and I doubt this is what Armando Alibrandi was striving to achieve.  There is no doubt he has more talent than many an operator on the same label; but he appears to have become lost in a self-constructed, sterilised void.


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