GEISTFORM: Transmitter       CD  HANDS

The sixth full-length album for Spain’s Rafael Espinosa opens up with contact head feedback and monotone beats.  A simplistic yet appropriately minimal introduction for a CD that demonstrates pretty much what Geistform is all about.

‘Gauss’ essentially is the first real song on the album; encapsulating a distinct German Techno influence and drive, that sets up the wiry ‘Arc’ to perfection.  ‘Receptor’ and ‘Ratan 600’ follow suit with the same level of beat interplay; and this is where my one true gripe with this release is triggered.

I am used to the scene giving birth to many an artist that plays on the same format, song-by-song, rhythm-by-rhythm; and unfortunately, Geistform doesn’t drift far from the same repetitive structures over and over again.  The only downside then to ‘Transmitter’, is its glaringly obvious lack of variation; which could be an issue for many.

However, where Espinosa truly shines, is his ability to provide an accompanying atmosphere that utilises frequency to great effect.  Electronic bleeps and triggers bounce over gritty, airy pads; whilst attention to clarity and structure, drives an all-enveloping hypnotic listening experience.  This in turn overshadows the glaringly obvious lack of beat diversity.

For those that have not encountered Geistform before, then you could pick up any of his albums for consumption and not be disappointed; whilst this latest opus doesn’t offer anything different, it is once again a solid, well-produced body of work.


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