AH CAMA-SOTZ: Exorcise-Murder Themes III CD HANDS


AH CAMA-SOTZ: Exorcise-Murder Themes III   CD HANDS

Herman Klapholz steers away from rhythms and beats, on this third in a series of albums that have intermittently appeared in-between other releases throughout his long and prolific music career.

Concentrating his efforts on a collection of songs that source Dark Ambient as a foundation block; AC-S plays with a variety of near Sci-Fi futurism sounds, to add a touch of polish to the near Satanic overtones of this release (I have yet to determine just how serious or tongue in cheek this all is).

I actually prefer ‘MTIII’ when it concentrates its efforts just on Black Ambient alone; and tracks such as Resistor’ and ‘Burnside’ lurk ominously in the dank gutters to great effect.  I am less as enthusiastic by other interferences when it comes to this genre; and luckily, Herman keeps these to a minimum.

Some obligatory vocalisations and chants along the way are not misused and are kept to a minimum.  What I am most impressed with, is that on this 11 track-strong album, he has managed to keep a grasp of pace and placement, which is sometimes the failing on any number of DA albums.  This is then, by and large, an engaging piece of work, even if it sadly lacks the potential to reach out to anything but a limited audience.


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