V/A: Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone Vol.5 LP Drone Records


V/A: Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone Vol.5          LP   Drone Records

This is the 5th compilation in a series of 12” records from the well respected and long enduring Drone Records.  This German label has been pumping out releases for many a year now. Starting out initially with an explosion of 7” records, exploring the genre to great effect.

It will be of no surprise, even to the uninitiated, just what field of music this compilation covers; but what would be illuminating to those whom have not dipped their toes into these waters, is just how approachable this album is.

Gydja opens up the proceedings with a sturdy wave of low-end Dark Ambient texture that allows the odd smattering of outer noises to dance through the dips and rises.  Clade, follow this up with two tracks that push out a breath of frosty spacious air, with a rich wealth of harmony, that draws through the fog and envelops the listener with ease.  Monocube play with ghostly apparitions of sound on the second side of this album, guiding appropriately the almost arcane sounding approach to YRSEL’s work, to round things up.

Overall, this is another effective collection of work; that argues the strengths that lie in such a genre.  This latest release does play more on the ambient nature of the scene rather than actual drone music; but of course they are forever related.  Either way, there is much to become lost in with the tracks chosen here; and if this area of music is something you haven’t ever considered listening to, I would heartily recommend purchasing this as a worthy representation.


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