GINTAS K: Low CD Opa Loka Records


GINTAS K: Low       CD   Opa Loka Records

This is the third and final album in a series of releases, in the lengthy career of this sound experimentalist.

Exploring a web of textures and melodic interplay, this is a fairly off-the-wall album; that plays with pitch, harmony and tone.  Bizarrely, the songs themselves feel remarkably short, even when they’re not.  This could be because the majority of them feel unfinished, with many a question unanswered.

Amongst the 11 tracks on display, there is more self-absorbed nonsense than there is anything to sink your teeth into; and it is this tomfoolery that the many detractors out there (myself included), state will always leave Gintas K standing on the side lines as just a contender.

If anything, this does better the previous release in this series (I didn’t hear the first), which was a ridiculous collection of noises and pointless drivel from start to finish.  However, regardless of the attention paid to tone and harmony, many of the songs on here feel like random acts as opposed to actual songs; and once again, Gintas falls short of the mark.


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