PAINKILLER: Execution Ground 2xLP Karlrecords


PAINKILLER: Execution Ground   2xLP   Karlrecords

Initially released in 1994 when Painkiller were still with their original line up; this is the first time this album has seen light of day on vinyl, unbelievably.

Always viewed as an oddity, mainly due to their first two albums ‘Guts of a Virgin ‘ and ‘Buried Secrets’ being released on extreme metal label, Earache; it was a hard slog for the band themselves to get any real acclaim, due to the market they would initially be exposed to.

Combining a blistering mix of Free Jazz, Grindcore and other obscure genre splicing, Painkiller only appealed to those with more eclectic tastes; and it’s only now that they will truly be appreciated for their efforts in wider circles.

This lengthy four-track album pounds with Mick Harris’ percussive skills as crunching guitars and bass ooze through a barrage of bastardised saxophone screeches.   It’s plain bonkers, but works to great effect; and the re-mastering to vinyl gives a newfound warmth to the proceedings, where the ambient numbers find a new depth and resonance.


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