THE STRANGE WALLS: Won’t Last CD Alrealon Music


THE STRANGE WALLS: Won’t Last   CD   Alrealon Music

Playing on a number of genres that range from Shoegazer to Post-Punk and Darkwave amongst others, this trio from New York have produced an eclectic, yet easy on the ear release with ‘Won’t Last’.  This is mainly due to the vocals of Regina yates, reminding me of Rose McDowell on more than one occasion in their less frenetic moments.

Now and again this latest release stumbles and crashes into No Wave territory, quite literally.  Drums crashing all over the place and guitar lines that don’t match up, with dual vocals that are not altogether in sync; yet it all somehow works.

‘Wartime Melody’ is a beautiful piece of work vocally, and the ramshackle nature of the music behind it with male backing vocals is reminiscent of The Pogues in an altogether more drunken fashion.

The beauty to this album is its chop and change abandon on a song-by-song basis.  Gothic Rock sits comfortably with noise and playful bastardised pop music, and this altogether is a hard release to judge, regardless of its entirely intentional cheese factor.

Think, an easier on the ear Cocteau Twins, splashes of McDowell and The Jesus and Mary Chain out of key and this will only describe some of what is on here.  The only faults I guess is that this all feels a tad staged, even if it is a lot of fun.


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