TERUYUKI NOBUCHIKA: Still Air       CD     Oktaf

Japanese composer Nobuchika is well revered in his homeland, composing music for movies, documentaries and TV.  Given this as a starting block it’s easy to expect great things when playing one of his albums; and safe to say this doesn’t disappoint.

‘Still Air’ is TN’s third solo output, concentrating on abstract ambient, programming and electronics that play with analogue instrumentation.  The end result is an album that touches on ethereal sensibilities, with a beautiful array of harmonies spread out over the course of eight tracks.

Driving undercurrents build a sense of urgency within the high end reverberated pads; and the stuttering notes pull emotionally on tracks such as ‘Erosion’, with just enough obscurity to keep the listener on their toes, without any undue alienation.

As an ambient album this falls within the gentler end of the scale.  Adventurous and dramatic, there is much within the walls of this release to enjoy and I shall be actively seeking out his previous two affairs.


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