RUXPIN: We Become Ravens LP/CD n5MD


RUXPIN: We Become Ravens   LP/CD n5MD

‘We Become Ravens’ is the eighth studio album from Icelandic producer Jonas Thor Gudmundson; and is a continuation of his previous release, ‘This Time We Go Together’.

The opening subdued ‘Piano I’ is followed by the dramatic ‘Memories Warm You Up, But They Also Tear You Apart’; proving itself with a beautifully composed display of programming prowess and attention to detail where harmony is concerned.

There is a carnival-esque feel to the pads on the title track that seamlessly flows into the contemplative ‘Hours Go By’, alongside the down-tempo ‘Softly Said Hello’ and purist IDM number ‘Saying Goodbye Was Never Easy’; which is one of the better numbers on this album.

If I was to say anything negative, it would be that ‘We Become Ravens’ as a whole, feels too drawn out; a little too lengthy, just teetering on the edge of boring on a couple of tracks.  There was a need for me to take a break mid-way; and sometimes, less is evidently more.  However, once you strip away a couple of the ‘samey’ numbers on this album, there are some true gems, such as the resonating ‘Polly Polly’; and it’s moments like these that make up for the couple of throwaways.

Overall, this is a solid display of musicianship and a more than worthy companion for all fans of well-produced electronic music


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