WRANGLER : White Glue LP/CD MemeTune


WRANGLER : White Glue     LP/CD MemeTune

Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Phil Winter (Tunng) and Benge (John Foxx & The Maths), return with their second studio album after the impressive ‘LA Spark’; one of those hidden gems that blew me away, the day it arrived through the door to review.

As with their debut, this latest offering is a hotbed of analogue synths and peculiar vocalisations that teeter on the edge of darkness.  This time however, the trio have concentrated on the more quirky elements that they only just touched on with previous output; and the end result draws more on funk and is ever so more playful for it.

‘White Glue’ is even more minimal than its predecessor and that is somewhat surprising, considering just how sparse an affair that opus was.  This time out though, the clear space feels somewhat warmer than before, with ‘Stop’, ‘Dirty’ and ‘Stupid’ presenting an element of a band having a lot of fun.

Luckily, things do get darker on tracks such as ‘Days’; and this is a welcome change back to form within an album that appears just a little too happy for its own good.  Once again, Mallinder, Winter and Benge have produced a quality LP of worth.  But for me, I like my music that touch darker; and thankfully the latter half feeds my personal preferences.

With time I am sure ‘White Glue’ will get its claws under my skin; but for now it is just a quality release that doesn’t quite hit the highs of its older sibling.



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