PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT: Manchester Apollo – 16th September 2016.


PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT: Manchester Apollo – 16th September 2016.

Set List:

Murder / Procession / Cries & Whispers / Ceremony / Everything’s Gone Green / Temptation / Blue Monday / Confusion / Thieves Like Us / The Perfect Kiss / Subculture / Shellshock / State of the Nation / Bizarre Love Triangle / True Faith / 1963

No Love Lost / Glass / From Safety to Where…? / Komakino / These Days / Warsaw / Leaders of Men / Digital / Autosuggestion / Transmission / She’s Lost Control / Incubation / Dead Souls / Atmosphere / Love Will Tear Us Apart

So, it’s just over 37 years and one month since Joy Division supported the Buzzcocks at this very venue; and therefore somewhat fitting that Hooky and his partners in crime, grace this homecoming stage for what is night two of their ‘Substance’ albums tour.

After an hour that involved buying a shirt, drinking beer and generally chatting to friends, it is time for the DJ to stop and Hooky and co to enter the stage.  I wasn’t too fussed at this being 15 minutes later than scheduled, due to the amount of catching up with folks; and gigs for me are about the social aspect as well as the music.

As suspected from reading the Glasgow set list from the night before, we are treated to Hooky’s interpretation of New Order’s ‘Substance compilation first, re-arranged to make a better fit live.  Everyone is in great spirits tonight and this is just the start of a nostalgia trip that kept on giving right through to the very end.  Personal favourites for set one were ‘Ceremony’, ‘Temptation’ and ‘True Faith’, which were duly aided by the assistance of the crowd bouncing and singing along no less.  Fantastic stuff.

A short intermission enabled myself and others to get a much needed toilet break (someone really needs to sort the loo’s out in the Apollo, as they have had long enough to do so); and get some more overpriced beers before set two commenced.

I will admit, that whilst I adore the works of New Order, I have always been a Joy Division fan first and foremost.  This inevitably means that whatever tracks in whichever order is fine by me.  Also, this set seems to stir the crowd up just that touch more; which I suspect is down to the historical aspect to the event, which I touched upon earlier.  I could cast no real favourite tonight as far as tracks go, because it all seemed just so perfect.  Ending the show on a particularly emotional ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, really tugged the heartstrings and rallied the audience into full voice; and as the final notes played out, I really felt I was witnessing something special tonight.

Heading off into the night for our long journey home, I couldn’t help feel a spark of magic in the air that has been missing from many of the shows I have attended over the years.  This isn’t the first time I have seen Hooky and the lads outperform Sumner and co and it certainly won’t be the last; but this band, in this venue, on this night, will always sit long in my memory as a special one.

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