WOLFRAM: X CD Monotype Records


WOLFRAM: X     CD   Monotype Records

It’s been 11 years since Wolfram created an actual ‘new’ album as such; other pieces of work that have been released have been older tracks used for movies and theatre etc.  Either way, ‘X’ is a more than suitable return.

Opener, ‘W:Xswarm’ is a noisy affair that rises into a raging slab of hive activity, fizzling out into a serene ‘Introspektiv’; that teeters on the edges of Dark Ambient, but most likely owes more to movie soundtracks than anything else.

With a seamless flow, track two glides into ‘Exploded View’.  A wiry ambient number that plays on scratching glitch as it progresses into the lighter ambient leanings of ‘N:xizhe’; that throws in a background heart beat to give the essence of pace.

‘X’ finishes on a combination of sounds that represent the album as a whole.  Machine-like in its approach it draws on touches of Industrial; and is a fitting end to the release.

Overall, this is a sold and fine return to making music.  It won’t set the world alight with brilliance, but everything Wolfram has done here, does well as an all-rounder.  The CD has some nice laser etching on the playable side too.


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