MATT ELLIOTT: The Calm Before LP/CD Ici d’Ailleurs


MATT ELLIOTT: The Calm Before LP/CD Ici d’Ailleurs

Some people will be aware of Elliott’s tenure with The Third Eye Foundation and just how influential they were in Drum n’ Bass circles.  This, his eighth solo album, couldn’t be any further removed from that act, with a collection of weird singer/songwriter numbers.

Matt has brought together a collective of musicians that clearly know as much as he does, just how capable they are.  For the most part, ‘The Calm Before’, is acoustic in nature with the odd stumble into madness (where it almost appears SWANS like); and would have been the path I trod down throughout if I were him.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this album at all, let me get that clear.  It’s well played, well produced and well constructed; but it’s just not my bag as a whole.  I prefer music of this ilk when it ravages the senses, ten times as desperate; and this is just a little too easy on the ear for my tastes.


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