JOHN CHANTLER: Which Way to Leave LP ROOM40


JOHN CHANTLER: Which Way to Leave   LP   ROOM40

The ninth instalment from Stockholm’s John Chantler, charges into life somewhat erratically with an array of scattered computer electronics that become all too irritating, all too quickly.  Followed up with the treated field recordings of ‘Two and Four’ and the non directional bleeps of ‘Clearing’, and you start to just wonder whether the rest of the album is worth listening to at all.

Luckily, the guitar ambient that surfaces in ‘Fixation Pulse’ went some way into clawing back my attention; just as my final thread of patience became frayed.  Along with ‘First December’ and its partner ‘Second December’, these are without doubt the best tracks on this latest piece of work, but would have worked best overall as an EP of some sort.

The rest of ‘Which Way to Leave’ is a nonsensical mess of pointless drivel; and it would take the casual listener a small age to derive anything of value, with the better tracks hidden far beyond the realms of sanity it takes to find them.



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