FRANK BENKHO: A Trip to the Space (Between) DL Clang


FRANK BENKHO: A Trip to the Space (Between)    DL    Clang

Utilising the possibilities of improvisation between analogue instruments, effects pedals and voice is nothing new; many will try and many will fail and a small few will succeed in producing something worth listening to. The key word I am playing on here is ‘improvised’.

Benkho actually has things more on an even keel than I envisaged.  There are moments on this latest release that steadily progress, without an inkling of falling apart; such as ‘Deep Love Below the Earth’, that builds and allows all the futuristic sounds to build upon each other well.

However, for the most part ‘A Trip to Space’ is a mish-mash of sounds that filter through randomly (of no surprise considering improvisation) and without any concern for meaning, care, or indeed worth.  This is a pity, because in some stages, Benkho does appear to have his head screwed on; and I get the feeling that if he actually sat down and constructed something like this a little less randomly, then it could actually be quite special.



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