THE DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA: Bes   2xLP/CD Nawa Recordings

This Egyptian trio from Cairo are a bizarre bunch.  With their debut album they take in a variety of styles such as folk and trippy rock, with a heavy slant on a variety of cultural leanings awash with Jazz sensibilities.

There is a heavy amount of spazzed out guitar noodling along the way, which for the most part is quite enjoyable in an experimental sense; but can become irritating as over-indulgence sets in.

Atmospherically speaking, there are momentary glances that did grab me, but these were too few and far between.  ‘Bes’ is one of those albums that simply doesn’t float my boat, not because of any imperfections, but because it simply isn’t for me.  The album feels heavily improvised (whether that is the case or not) and its jumbled nature doesn’t appeal to me on any level.

This is not discounting the musicianship on display; it is clear that these guys have a high level of technical ability and they do have an audience that will lap this up. I applaud them for their competency and skill, but on an emotional level I need pits of darkness and shards of light; where this unfortunately loiters as a murky pea soup (and don’t get me started on their grammatically incorrect band name).


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