MONOLITH: Domination    CD HANDS

Following on from his release ‘Crashed’ from two years previous; Eric Van Wonterghem slams home once again why he is one of the most revered of stalwarts within Industrial circles.

This, his 9th album under this banner; displays Monolith at its competent best.  The opening title track is a rhythmic march that clinically progresses forward with less brutality than may have been envisaged, but leads well into an even less aggressive ‘Angel of Death’; replying more on its technicality as the song progresses.

This is the story for the remainder of the album.  Here, Wonterghem has filed down the abrasive edges of the project and concentrated his efforts on a more techno slant to the rhythm sections; which ooze out on a drip-feed as opposed to smashing the listener in the teeth.

Not without the odd journey into atmospherics (not all of which work and sometimes feel a little ham fisted), ‘Domination’ is a lot quieter than its title might suggest; however, it is all the better in its totality for it.  There was a time when it was anathema for bands of his ilk to produce anything other than blistering hammers of noise and blast-beats.  I am sure things will go full circle, but in this era listeners demand a little more for their buck; and bearing that in mind, Eric has delivered something on a level that’s a touch more progressive for the Hands followers out there.


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