ERLAND APNESETH TRIO: Det Andre Rommet   CD Hubro

Take one of Norway’s youngest fiddlers alongside a couple of sound explorers and the end result is this.  Music with its feet firmly planted in Norwegian folk tradition.

Gathering a real sense of urgency, rich tones are scattered and broken with a swift drag of a bow, as ambient textures breathe a frosty air amongst sparse tribal percussive elements.

There is an overall earthly and grounded feel to this release that plays with ethereal reverberation.  The fiddles echo as though played out from the crags above a dense forest; a call to nature and almost Pagan leanings that occasionally dip in to medieval reverie.

However, there is a down side.  As much as this plays out well as a whole, the experimental nature of this album takes over all too quickly; taking away some of the raw magic that was achieved with simplistic instrumentation and straightforward musicianship (as on the exceptional, ‘Magma’).  There is a time for messing about, but I applaud the simplicity that can be derived from pure ambience; and whilst this album has it in abundance; it is spoiled somewhat by a tendency to try and be too clever for its own good.


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