KONX-OM-PAX: Caramel LP/CD Planet Mu


KONX-OM-PAX: Caramel   LP/CD Planet Mu

‘Caramel’ is the follow up to this Glaswegian artist’s 2011 ‘Regional Surrealism; which had a press release that smacked of something out of the film ‘Trainspotting’.

Lighter in tone and mood, no longer influenced by the grim surroundings of concrete flats and junkies; this latest release is openly proud of its cheesy synth sounds, 80’s computer game electronic tinged tunes and a distinct nod to rave culture.

For the most part, this latest album is surprisingly beat free.   Concentrating on rhythm created purely by synth, leaves ‘Caramel’ sounding like the soundtrack to a future created by such programmes as ‘Tomorrows World’; which in turn however, does limit the listening appeal overall to a somewhat smaller audience.

This is no less a colourful album, which provides and aural kaleidoscope of sound; occasionally drawing on feel good themes that resonate from a distance, as if hearing them from a faraway stage in a field at dusk in the height of summer.  This is in turn one of the albums strongest selling points, even if this means selling it solely to those who live and breathe early 90’s rave nostalgia.


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