DISPLACER: Curse of the Black Vinyl LP Hymen Records / Crime League


DISPLACER: Curse of the Black Vinyl   LP Hymen Records / Crime League

As a partner in crime to Michael Morton’s ‘The Curse of the Black Lotus EP, we finally see the curse passed to its vinyl counterpart, that had been scheduled for release for some time now.

This mini album encompasses all that is good with Displacer, with an array of mixes and some unreleased numbers, covering some of the multitude of electronic genres that Morton dabbles with.

The opening Hologram mix of ‘Rzla’ is the perfect introduction, with a tense piano line drawing the listener into the scratching magnetism of DJ Swamp’s tear up of ‘Black Lotus’.   ‘Freefall’ takes the simplicity of arpeggiated synth dancing along its merry path, whilst the undercurrent of beats and bass give foundation to its rise and fall; and for me displays Morton at his understated best.

There is an element of cool that permeates Displacer’s catalogue with relative ease.  This aura transcends genre; and it is this that provides much of the accessibility he provides to a wider audience.  ‘Unbreakable’ rams home this point, as it seals this 7 track long chapter in Michael’s career.  Long may it continue.


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