ASHER LEVITAS: Lit Harness LP/CD Planet Mu


ASHER LEVITAS: Lit Harness LP/CD Planet Mu

Mainly known for his work with UK experimentalists Old Apparatus; Levitas has here, produced his first solo album, from a project he formulated in 2015.

Basing his debut album on themes of extreme emotion, this translates well into the music on offer.  For the most part this is translated as varying degrees of darkness, with layers of pitch resonating alongside the odd vocal sample and organic interplay.

The end result captures waves of Dark Ambient, ethereal electronics and an ability to switch mood into lighter shades of grey as well as the blackest of blacks.  Harmony plays its part on expressive numbers such as ‘Waiting by an Open Door’; where the turmoil of previous numbers, are allowed to settle as dust amongst rising emphatic waves of sound.

‘Lit Harness’ is like a boxer that doesn’t do anything spectacular, but wins by generally being good at everything he attempts.  Nothing on this release will have you screaming from the rooftops, but it will sit well as a solid safe pair of hands; and in this day and age, that is more than you can ask for when considering splashing out on your hard earned cash.


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