ÅKE PARMERUD: Nécropolis CD Empreintes Digitales


ÅKE PARMERUD: Nécropolis   CD    Empreintes Digitales

This is the third solo outing for Sweden’s Parmerud.  Throughout the years he has built himself a name as a prominent sound experimentalist; and this of course is a double-edged sword.

On one hand he clearly knows what he is doing; and once again he has the knack of occasionally displaying sparks of brilliance.  When delving into soundtrack territory, he creates epic and colossal torrents of bombastic fury.  However, on the flip side of the coin, he does fiddle around a little too much with obscurity; and it smacks of someone attempting to appear cleverer than they actually are.

‘Nécropolis’ is one of those albums, that ironically shines at its brightest when his talents are focussed centrally on Dark Ambient undercurrents.  Unfortunately these are just momentary leanings; and Parmerud simply cannot help but tear things apart with too much experimentation.  The upshot of this is that tracks are not allowed to settle or bed in; and the haphazard nature of his work doesn’t allow the listener to warm to the albums’ strengths.


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