LAWRENCE ENGLISH: Approaching Nothing CD Baskaru


LAWRENCE ENGLISH: Approaching Nothing     CD   Baskaru

I have encountered many works by Lawrence English; and more often than not, have found myself impressed.  Bearing this in mind, I was quite eager to set my ears upon this latest piece of work.

‘Approaching Nothing’, is one long 30-minute track.  Unfortunately though, it doesn’t contain any music; and is in fact, one long pointless piece of field recordings.

English has fallen into the trap that so many people have when venturing into this genre.  For all the artistic press bumpf that accompanies the work; it all becomes a tiring exercise in nonsense.  I cannot even be bothered giving the inane explanation for this recording, as it is nothing but a collection of random environmental sounds; and no amount of artistic posturing is going to make it any other than what it is.

The true disgrace with an album like this; is that there are many talented artists out there striving to get signed to a label, whilst Baskaru are wasting the planet’s resources on drivel like this.  If I hadn’t already encountered English and some of the remarkable work he is responsible for in the past; I wouldn’t be giving his name the time of day in the future, if I were just basing his musical career on this travesty.


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