LAURENT PERRIER: Plateforme #2 CD Baskaru


LAURENT PERRIER: Plateforme #2     CD   Baskaru

Perrier has delivered here, the second instalment in his ‘Plateforme’ series.  Once again he has created tracks from sound sources submitted by different artists.  The first instalment walked a fine line between being something worthy of note, or something that got chucked in the bin; and I cannot help feel but that this is floating on the same ship.

Once again there is more than a fair share of glitch and ambient interruptions to keep this album just about interesting enough.  Statically charged bursts of sound tiptoe and trip over rumbling earthy Dark Ambience; and when these excursions come to light, they can be pleasurable.

I will give Perrier credit; he could have destroyed this album entirely with a talentless collection of field recordings.  However, he has chosen to sculpt and build the sounds into something more; and in some respects it marginally does a better job than its predecessor.


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