PIERCE WARNECKE: Memory Fragments  CD  ROOM40

Recorded over the space of three years, Pierce’s debut album is a sparse electro-acoustic affair that plays with silence as much as it does actual music.

Toying with the vision that when we recall past experiences through memory, they’re never the same as when we originally encountered the event; Warnecke has produced what is a very personal release, but one I am sure we can all relate to.

Musically speaking, ‘Memory Fragments’ is a drone affair; that mainly relies on pitches and drawn out tones that are stretched as far as is humanly possible.  This is one of those albums that you have to make time for to become truly enveloped in the experience; and on moments such as ‘Built on Folds and Braids’, it is all too easy to get sucked into the void of gloopy overwhelming harmonies that feel like they’re slowly compressing your skull.

Whilst this album has its fair share of events that seem pointless, they do lead onto more meaningful apparitions of beauty, should you choose to give this release the time it truly warrants.


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