NEW ROME: Nowhere     CD  ROOM40

Poland’s Tomas Bednarczyk’s returns with music under the banner of New Rome; as opposed to solo work under his own name.  Whether this differs greatly from other output is anyone’s guess, as I haven’t heard previous affairs.

That aside, ‘Nowhere’ balances a melting pot of subtle ambience, low-end electronica and backwards note play to great effect.  Gentle, rounded bleeps and whirls, glide over and through layers of drifting pads and rich thick resonating ambient walls, that soak up the harmonies like a sponge.

It is all to easy to get caught up in the constant wave that New Rome creates for his listeners; and if nothing else, the only criticism I can throw his way is that it sometimes feels a little safe, lacking something truly daring.  This is a minor quibble none-the-less; as ‘Nowhere’ utilises Tomas’ ear for crisp production and attention to detail, as far as where microscopic changes in tonal interplay are concerned.

Overall, this debut release under this moniker; is a solid and enjoyable ride from start to finish.


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