LARS LUNDEHAVE HANSEN: Terminal Velocity LP Tonometer


LARS LUNDEHAVE HANSEN: Terminal Velocity     LP   Tonometer

Danish composer Hansen’s latest output appears on gorgeous heavyweight blue vinyl through his home countrymen’s quality label, Tonometer.  This debut full-length, comprising of 21 concise tracks feels value for money, even if the songs themselves are relatively short in length.

Hansen approaches the listener through a series of rich Dark Ambient and crisp drones.  Occasional rasps of distortion grind a welcome appearance into the mix, driving an edge to the proceedings; alongside gasps of frost-tinged ambience, that breathe an accompanying chilled mist for atmospheric weight.

Balancing distance between the varying degrees of sound is something that Hansen has achieved to great effect.  Creating a floating tempo, where resonating and often conflicting pitches meet in the middle; Lars manages to fill any empty space that can arise when dabbling in this genre, as the varying degrees of tone glue themselves as one.

As debut releases go, ‘Terminal Velocity’ is one of those albums that set the musicians’ personal bar to an exceedingly high level.  As a genre related item, this is as quality as many of those that Hansen’s peers are releasing at this current point; nay, as good as anything that has come before.


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