CHRIS ABRAHAMS: Fluid to the Influence LP/CD ROOM40


CHRIS ABRAHAMS: Fluid to the Influence     LP/CD   ROOM40

From the nonsensical garbles of opener ‘1 Liter Cold Laptop’, it would be easy to discount this latest piece of work from Abrahams, as complete gibberish; as random mash ups of organ and noise pointlessly stumble away.  Luckily this is counteracted with the summery and pleasant flowing piano work that is ‘Scale Upon the Land’; and immediately all seemed well.

However, it becomes all too evident come track three, that this is an experimental album; and not in a good way.  Yes there is the odd moment on this album that bodes well, such as the subtle jazz piano of ‘Clung Eloquent’, as well as the harmonies that prevail on ‘As Tranquil as an Apple’.  However, the rest of the release is a pointless array of field recordings and random acts of badly played Tibetan chimes and instrumentation.

If anything else, by the end of ‘Fluid to the Influence’, you start to doubt if Abrahams actually played anything on this album at all; and if this is just some recording of a drugged up diary event of a trip to the Himalayas. Either way, more often that not it’s awful.


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