V/A: Forms of Hands 16 CD HANDS


V/A: Forms of Hands 16   CD HANDS

The 16th edition of the revered festival and its corresponding compilation album shows just how far this label has come.  A credit to the scene, they have stood strong with an uncompromising self-belief; and this latest release displays the variation and ability to evolve with the respect they command within Industrial circles.

Artists such as Phasenmensch and Talvekoidik now grace the same halls as the staple mainstays such as MS Gentur and Monolith; with atmospheric soundtracks and left of centre IDM, sharing the stage with the foundation of harsh beats and machine rhythms that the label was initially hailed for.

The broken beat of Enduser and 16 Pad Noise Terrorist, sit well alongside the minimal electronics of Morbus M; and indeed the club noise of long enduring Mono No Aware, who is as punishing as ever on this CD.

A Hands album just wouldn’t be one if they didn’t play to what they were originally famed for; and it is up to newer artists such as Wieloryb and Le Modernist to fly the flag. However, as personal taste goes I am more in touch with the aforementioned Phasenmensch, who stand out on this latest venture, with the superbly paced ‘Zeit und Ewigkeit’; that balances beats, harmony and atmosphere to great effect.

This is another year and indeed another welcome notch on the bedpost for Hands Productions.  I have said it before, but long may it continue.


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