TRACKOLOGISTS: No Surrender, No Retreat CD HANDS


TRACKOLOGISTS: No Surrender, No Retreat   CD HANDS

This duo is a coming together between The Empath and Heimstatt Yipotash; and the results are more than pleasing.  Understandably, the sound is cross of modern electronic with a touch of IDM and EBM along the way, with a variety of influences that make it an ultimately intriguing listen.

The opener ‘Sonic Barrier’ provides a suitable soundtrack approach to the album, giving way to the vocal led ‘Modified Newtonian Dynamics’; which (whilst being a bit flat on the beats) utilises its sampling well and comes off smacking of originality.

Complex electronics rip through the title track, whilst ‘Suicide with a Plastic Gun’ provides a more Wax Trax! feel to its Industrial flair.  It’s this variation that keeps the album alive; and you can tell whose influence is stronger within each track.  I am more of fan of The Empath than Yipotash I must admit; but here they do work well as a pair and complement each other along the way.  With thirteen tracks to play with each has also taken full control of the opener ‘Sonic Barrier’ with the idea of stamping their own sound on it; bizarrely enough though, Yipotash comes off more Empath than he does himself (whooda thunk it?).

Overall, this is a great start to what I hope is ultimately a longer running project.


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