LE MODERNISTE: Desistere Mortem Timere CD HANDS


LE MODERNISTE: Desistere Mortem Timere   CD HANDS

This latest release in an extensive back catalogue; shows Le Moderniste carry on from where they left off, with minimalist thumps and stop start electronics.  Occasional flirtations with Power Electronics and gloopy ambient form a cohesive gel to the industrial nature of the album; and add a different source of information to take in, as opposed to general Distorted Beat/Powernoise, that so many others make their staple.

The repetitive nature of the tracks when they do follow the path often trod by Hands artists does play out well in fine form; and this is actually where Le Moderniste excels. With a keen ear for aural hypnosis, the pitch and counter-play of low machine rhythms, high-end snare scratches and muffled heartbeat bass drones, make a comfortable fit for minute changes in atmosphere.

I am less convinced however when LM plays with noise and blister packs of PE.  There is a tendency for a feeling of noise for noise’s sake to the proceedings in part; and this does drive the listener to just skip to the next track.  Overall though, ‘Desistere Mortem Timere’ is a solid release that fans of the artist should enjoy, even if I can’t imagine it making them any new fans.


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