HYSTERESIS: Hegemonia Cultural CD HANDS


HYSTERESIS: Hegemonia Cultural   CD HANDS

Hysteresis are a strange bunch and definitely throw out albums that are for the more eclectic ear.  I originally encountered them on ‘Will + Representation’, an album that threw many twists and turns, that whilst utterly bonkers, kept the listener guessing from start to finish.

The last release I heard from them was the fairly poor ‘Manifest’; and I kinda figured that this was another artist that lost it.  Safe to say, this did put me on the back foot when approaching this latest output.

I am surprised to say however, that ‘Hegemonia Cultural’ shows Hysteresis coming back with a vengeance.  Taking notes from earlier output and washing it down with a modern twist, this latest work is a frenetic display of modern techno influences, an abundance of breakbeats and metal guitars, topped off with ethnic vocal samples.

A crisp, clear production assists in the many cascading electronics shining brightly; and when this album does delve into the odd flutter of distorted beats, there is a precision and purpose that many who float around this genre appear to have missed.  Couple this with Hysteresis’ backtracking on earlier flirtations with madness and you have as a whole, an excellent album that steers far from the Hands familiarity; and is the album I wanted them to make many moons ago.


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