GREYHOUND: Inner Noise Level   CD HANDS

It’s been four years since Greyhound’s last output, time in which an artist that has stayed true to form stylistically, to possibly evolve and try something new, possibly.

‘Inner Noise Level’ does what any self-respecting Greyhound fan could wish for: a noisy ambient opener, followed by track after track of mechanical, rhythmical distorted beats under the guise of industrial song titles.

I guess as the old saying goes, “If it aint broke, then why fix it?” and to be fair Greyhound do what they do well.  The die-hards will lap this up end-to-end and this release is as punishing as anything they have done before, with the modern version of this outfit concentrating more on production values; therefore less muggy in sound than earlier work.

For me though, it is time to move on.  I like my distorted beats and Industrial as much as I ever did; but I also listen to a heck of a lot of other styles (as I have always done) and like my bands to as well (or at least show they do).  No harm can come from evolution; and whilst ‘Inner Noise Level’ is a fine example of the genre they reside in, there is no reason to choose this above many of the scenes founding releases (‘classics’ if you will).   This is a quality, well-produced album stylistically speaking, but doesn’t bring anything new to the table; and nowadays I need it to if I am to shout about it.


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