MARSEN JULES: Shadows in Time LP/CD/USB Oktaf


MARSEN JULES: Shadows in Time   LP/CD/USB  Oktaf

I have been following this artist for some time now and have found the majority of his work to be excellent; and even daring somewhat, with his 24 hour long ‘The Endless Change of Colour’ USB flash drive, for example.

Once again he has pushed the boat out with a static version of this album on CD, along with limited versions on vinyl and 300 variations of the album across the same amount of USB boxed sets. It’s a fine balance of crossing art with music successfully; and whilst I cannot speak for all the variations (of which I am sure must be minor), I have to applaud his gusto.

Once again, Jules has excelled himself of harnessing the very essence of ambient music, basing this release on the art installation ‘Series 1024×768’ by Johannes Frances; where 786,432 pixels where simultaneously displayed and each changed colour individually every second. As ridiculous as it sounds, Jules’ music has a hypnotic effect, much in the same way as I imagine the installation did.

As with every one of his releases, all I could do was sit back and stare into space and satisfyingly listen to the album end to end; which is all I can ask from any self-respecting fantastic ambient release.


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