OZMOTIC: Liquid Times CD Folk Wisdom/SObject


OZMOTIC: Liquid Times  CD Folk Wisdom/SObject

Following on from the excellent ‘Air Effect’ split with Christian Fennesz (who also appears on this in collaboration on two tracks), OZmotic returns with an album that is purely their own vision.  I was curious to see how this duo faired solely and whether the brilliance of the last album was mainly down to their mighty partner in crime.

Splicing an array of live instrumentation, OZmotic utilise sourced percussion and scatter them amongst a sea of ambient and IDM electronics.  The end result is a satisfying mix that sits well on the ears; where complexity is kept to a minimum and can be appreciated more with minute fits and bursts.

As a concept, the music aptly carries the notion of interlacing cultures within a city of Diasporas; where humanity is surrounded in a reality without barriers.  OZmotic cleverly folds layers of music from a variety of ethnic inspiration and wraps them up in a fresh, modern glue of electronic communal spirit.

As a whole I was more than impressed with this latest output, which comfortably follows on from the aforementioned ‘Air Effect’; and look forward to any future releases from these invigorating prospects.


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