KOMORA A: Crystal Dwarf CD Monotype Records


KOMORA A: Crystal Dwarf   CD Monotype Records

An anxious machine head crackle, leads depth charge tones and electronic thumps on the doorway to bleak ambience, upon ‘Waking Up’; the opening gambit of this, Komora A’s second full-length release. Disturbing and ultimately aggressive, this is tempered somewhat by the throbbing generator that is the aptly titled ‘Drone of Reality’.

In an about shift in kilter, ‘Beats and Memories’ brings a welcome light of near IDM sub-textures and skyward sounds that make the listener look upwards for some form of salvation. It’s an effective piece that is a necessary moment on what is an ultimately oppressive album.

The aggravating glitches of ‘Inscape Module’ are an essential ingredient to this release, regardless of the irritation, as they catapult a narrative to the journey onwards into the ‘Drone of Unreality’; and ultimately the relief of ‘Escape’.

It would be easy to dismiss ‘Crystal Dwarf’ and the uninitiated could easily pass it off as a wall of noisy and somewhat pointless electronics. However, Komora A have managed to hold down a concept and genuine knack of storytelling that kept me engrossed from start to finish.


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