COH: Music Vol CD Mego


COH: Music Vol   CD Mego

With an extensive discography to his name, it’s almost impossible to pigeonhole this project of Ivan Pavlov. With an abundance of releases it should be of no surprise that he has his fair share of misses as well as hits; and I am happy to say that ‘Music Vol’ is more the latter.

Pavlov occasionally flirts with ambient music and this latest release is some of his best work, period. With an intimately close hum resonating throughout the album across the course of seven rich tracks, there is a unifying gel that ties one song to the next with subtle efficiency.

From the opening dense throbs of ‘Ether Fields Forever’, through to the sparse bleeps and whines of ‘Return to Mechanics’, some of the similar sounds that I have passed off as nonsense on previous affairs, work in this instance; and give life and sparkle to the brooding darkness that permeates the entirety of this release.

Minimalistic, yet efficient in grasping every note and wringing the maximum out of it, gives ‘Music Vol’ its own intriguing and unique characteristics, where it’s near impossible to not sit this curious venture out, end to end.


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