ZEITKRATZER+KEIJI HAINO: Stockhausen LP/CD Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions


ZEITKRATZER+KEIJI HAINO: Stockhausen LP/CD Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions

This is the second album I have heard in collaboration between the ensemble and Haino. A quieter affair than their collective last output, this concentrates on a formula that filters through as droning Dark Ambient for the most part.

Haino as expected, growls and grimaces vocally throughout the mix. A respected noise artist in his own right, it is of no surprise the gloomy trenches he drags Zeitkratzer into; and indeed a realm of oddity, that to be fair seems utterly pointless sometimes.

Where they excel on this release, is when the instrumentation is allowed to flow and ebb away with inky black fluidity. These moments however are few and far between and a lot of the time, a lot of what falls from the speakers is nothing but prolonged gasps of air.

My patience has finally given way with Zeitkratzer and their varying partners in crime. I have a few releases by these guys that are genuinely worth investing some of your time in; and apart from a few brief moments, this isn’t one of them.


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