ZEITKRATZER-REINHOLD FRIEDL: Kore LP/CD Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions


ZEITKRATZER-REINHOLD FRIEDL: Kore  LP/CD Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions

Directed by Reinhold Friedl, the ensemble simply known as Zeitkratzer, continue on their never-ending quest to produce interpretations of others’ work, the best example of this being the ‘Whitehouse’ album.

Zeitkratzer have a string of awards under their belt; and having being exposed to much of their work they have a heck of a lot to be proud of. Audacious as they are though, sometimes it simply doesn’t work; and ‘Kore’ is one of those moments where this would have best been kept to the live arena.

A noisy affair and a wreckage of collapsing Jazz instrumentation that grinds and explodes, screeches and crashes; there is a lot that could be said about this album if it wasn’t so pointless and unlistenable.


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